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Are Personal Loans Secured?

One of the best things about getting a personal loan is the freedom of having an increased spending power. Once you get approved to a personal loan application, you’re now free to buy any stuff that you want. You can purchase a budget laptop or have that dream vacation that you want. Many people are using personal loans to cover specific portions of their lives, or to get out of some financial predicaments. Despite the popularity of personal loans, a question rings true to most borrowers: are personal loans secured? To answer such question, you must carefully evaluate some important factors.


Economic Change Affects Personal Loans


While not commonly a direct effect, a sudden change in the economy can increase the interest rate of personal loans. Banks and large financial institutions will usually increase their rates at a simple economic whim, while small-time lenders will take their time. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of personal loans within your area, make sure that you have knowledge of your country’s current economic status.


Small-time Lenders Are Reliable Too

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Back alley lenders or ‘small timers’ were shelled in the past due to allegations of predatory lending. While this is the case, you shouldn’t align yourself with such predisposition. There are many small-time lenders that still offer competitive personal loans, perhaps a notch better than what banks have in their sleeves. Do not be afraid to approach these kinds of lenders, but you should keep your guard up. Before proceeding with a transaction, make sure that everything is documented and monitored.

Personal Loans are Dynamic

As an effect of growing competition and changes in consumer spending power, lenders have modified the nature of their personal loans. Today, you can see personal loans tied in with various privileges like grocery rebates, freebies, and even a unique gadget plan. Overall, this is a really good thing since people will become more enticed in getting personal loans. However, you must bear in mind that such privileges can also be ‘marketing hooks’ and tricks that the lenders are playing. Weigh your choices and choose which loan program really benefits you well.

Personal loans are secured now because they are changing in nature. Their diversity is undeniable, just like other kinds of loans. To get the best personal loan, just keep searching for the right and fair lender. Also, make sure that you can pay your monthly dues so you don’t have to settle with penalties and increased rates.

Why Personal Loans Can Be Affected by a Bad Economy?


Today, applying for a personal loan is not a hard thing to do. There many banks and financial institutions more than willing to assist your personal loan application. According to various financial experts, personal loans in Singapore are very popular choices alongside Singapore expat loans, and payday loans. While popular and considered less volatile than mortgages, personal loans can still be affected by economic performance. Below are some of the factors why the stability of personal loans can shift from time to time.


Lenders Still Control Interest Rates

The economy will always change—that is one fact that cannot be avoided. As the economic curve goes up or down, loans will follow suit. Take the mortgage loan, for example. A slight drop in the real estate market can also change the interest rates that borrowers need to pay. Now, personal loans are not totally affected by economic change, but only to a certain degree. Lenders still control how much they are going to adjust interest rates. So, if you want to get a competitive personal loan, keep an eye on the economy. Timing is impeccable in getting personal loans.


Personal Loans Benefit from the Economy

When the economy is good, it’s fitting to say that personal loans will be on the better scale as well. It’s the nature of cause and effect. Try to observe the loan providers within your area. If they are offering various personal loan schemes and programs, then it’s a good indicator that the economy is in a good shape. Regular lenders – not banks and organizations – can even offer low interest rates if the economy is in a competitive spot.


Personal Loans and Cash Advance

Many people are also getting cash advance loans because of immediate financial mishaps. This may be a good thing, but cash advance (or payday loans) can bring you closer to bigger debt. A personal loan has a greater leeway and fair setting, but you still need to weigh your options. Choose a lender that has a good reputation and won’t be pushed back by economic pressure. On a bigger picture, personal loans and cash advance loans are less likely affected by a dwindling economy.

Now, is it worth to get a personal loan if the economy is in a bad shape? It’s a question of necessity on your part. The real challenge comes when you need to repay the loan in full. Keeping an eye on the economy is one thing, but paying your loan is a greater responsibility.